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Raise you hand if your tired of
all those RoBo and unsolicited
Cell Phone Calls!
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Forgotten Felines of Western New York.
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Android Call Select was developed as a cure to Silence the excessive number of Phone Call's that are interrupting everyone's day, every day and into the evening hours.

Call Select was designed by an IT Professional with over thirty five (35) years experience and applied those skills learned to create an Android App to eliminate those unwanted calls. After many months of development and testing, that App is now a reality and is available to Android Users today.

This is an Ad Free App unlike many other's that provide similar services.

Select "Reviews" from the Menu Options above to see what others are saying.

Features include:
Limit calls to contact list Disable/Enable all calls Call monthly review
Temporary contact list Call logging to server Call history review 1 year
Don't wait a minute longer, take control of your Cell Phone and install "Call Select" today! Navigate to the Google Play Store and search on "Call Select" then simply click on the Install Button or Navigate to this Web Site from your Cell Phone Browser (chrome) and Install.

For $5.00 a Month, $1.15 Cents per week
you can stop those unwanted calls.
Just Click on the Install Button
below and be on your way to
more peace of mind.

There is a $2.00 introductory offer
available for the first Month when
you register from the App after

Install from this Web Site
Version 2.1.9 - 05/14/2021
(only downloads from cell phone)
Install from Google Play Store
(only downloads from cell phone)

Current Users may Logon using their established UserID and Password.

The "Users Guide" and "About Call Select" Menu Options provide detailed information on the Call Select APP functionality and Screen Display's.

Android Call Select is looking for conscientious individuals

If you can be objective and provide thoughtful comments and critique the Call Select App then please register for a Free Account. Select "Free Account" located in the upper right hand corner.

This is a limited offer and only a select number of Users will be allowed. So, if you want to be among the first few to experience the Silence of a Telemarketer and Robo Call free Life, then get registered today.

Enjoy the App for two Month's then simply write a review on your experience as a satisfied User.

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