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58.5 billion robocalls made in 2019, up 22 percent over 2018
There were nearly 26 billion scam calls in 2019 (44% of all robocalls) and another 8 billion telemarketing calls (14% of all robocalls), leading to nearly 34 billion robocalls for the year, which equals over 2.8 billion
scam and telemarketing calls on average each month.
U.S. robocalls declined under the lockdowns of COVID-19, with an estimated 45.9 billion robocalls nationwide in 2020, marking an almost 22% decrease from the 58.5 billion robocalls recorded in 2019. This total is roughly 4% below the 47.8 billion robocalls received in 2018, yet still over 50% higher than the 30.5 billion robocalls in 2017.
6/22/2021Stacy: Antioch, CA
This App is just what I have been looking for. Easy to use plus nice Help display.
6/17/2021Judy: Bonita Springs, FL
Great App. This is a must.
6/12/2021Cindy: Seattle, WA
Where Oh Where have my ROBO calls gone! This is a great app.
5/13/2021Marsha: Virgina Beach, VA
Best App on the Market!
5/10/2021April: Gurnee, IL
My phone was ringing day and night from Robo calls. Now its silent.
5/6/2021Steve: Waukegan, IL
Its about time an App like this is available.
5/3/2021Mary: Fort Worth, TX
This App is much better then the so called Free ones. They do not give me a warm fuzzy feeling.
5/2/2021Mark: Mundelein, IL
Great App and there is never enough information on using any software. PC, Phone or otherwise!
4/30/2021Frank: Lansing, IL
Dont be bashful like I was and just wait until all those calls got to me. I should have tried this App along time ago. You can try it for a Month for Free then buy or save a Buck on the 1st month or just go for it at $3.00. Its worth it no matter which way you go!
4/27/2021James: Lake Forest, IL
Easy to use and I really like the temporay contact number database feature.
4/23/2021Steve: Miami, FL
All I can say is.. Great App. You must get it to stop those calls!
4/20/2021Charlie: Round Lake, IL
I wish that I had found this App earlier. Really great!
4/18/2021Tina: Round Lake, IL
Great App. Everyone should have an App like this one.
4/15/2021Jim: Dallas, TX
This App is great and is a must for every Android Phone.
4/14/2021Andrea: New Fane, NY
All I can say is silence is bliss. No more annoying unwanted calls. Definitely a keeper and all you have to do is turn it on. I was getting calls all hours of the day and night and now only the calls that i want to come through ring. AWESOME
6/18/2021John: Bonita Springs, FL
Love this App. I dont know why everyone does not use it.
6/15/2021Richard: Nashville, TN
Back to normal. Only getting calls from contact list entries.
6/8/2021Thomas: Seattle, WA
Love this App.Very easy to use. Calls are maintained for only one month at a time. No clutter!
5/11/2021Roger: Coral Gables, FL
No more annoying calls. Great App.
5/8/2021Virginia: Torrance, CA
Love this App. No more Robo & Telemarkerter calls
5/5/2021Chris: Waukegan, IL
Best App arpound!
5/3/2021Julie: Mundelein, IL
I only gave it a 3. There must be something wrong with it?
5/1/2021Jimmy T: Peoria, IL
I agree that this is a great App. I only rated it as a 4. Too much information to read.
4/29/2021Sam: Oakland, CA
This App does the trick, no more Robo and Telemarketer calls. I recommend this App for your Android Phone!
4/26/2021Karen: Chicago, IL
App is great and the price is right.
4/21/2021Helen: Lake Geneva, WI
Great App. Execellent Help Info.
4/25/2021Jason: Evanston, IL
Was skeptical at first but glad I gave it a shot. Better then call blocking feature procedures included with new phones.
4/17/2021Tom: Franklin Park, IL
This App is better then I expected. Very good Help info, easy to use!
4/14/2021Mike: New Fane, NY
Outstanding app for your cell phone, good by robo and spam calls. This app only allows phone calls in that are in your cell phone contact list. But also has a call select section that allows you to add phone numbers to, this allows you more control over who is allowed to call you without adding new contacts in your phone directory. You can also review all call history just go to calls received or call detail this app shows you all calls that have been blocked or allowed in. Another great add on is you can go to androidcallsselect.com and login to get a more in depth view of call history, customer service and payment history. Great job Android calls select best app for your Android cell phone. This is a must for Android phones!!!
4/12/2021Frank: Coral Gables, FL
App is what I have been looking for, Fits my needs.